Why Choose Tail Mail?

Voted in the TOP 9 pet subscription boxes, and in the TOP 5 for dogs by The Independent, when you subscribe to Tail Mail, you quite literally get our expertise delivered to your door! You receive a subscription tailored to YOUR dog, and support a wide array of independent UK businesses and producers at the same time!

What's different about Tail Mail?

The team at Tail Mail are experts at what we do! Our specialists become your dog's personal shopper! Not only can you choose from one of our five themed boxes, but when you subscribe, you can tell us a bit about your dog too. What flavours they enjoy or aren't so keen on, what types of toys they really love or even any allergies/intolerances they have. Our team of experts then sit down and discuss what they think your dog will love and build the perfect box. So you won't simply receive the same box as everyone else!

Why can you trust the Tail Mail team to choose products?

We know our stuff! Our founders have degrees in Animal Behaviour and Bioveterinary Science, were both originally employed by the University of Liverpool to care for thousands of animals across multiple species, and are of course, dog lovers and owners! In fact, all of our staff members have dogs themselves!

After finishing their work for the University of Liverpool, the founders of Tail Mail opened a store called Ginger&Browns, in the heart of Cheshire. Ginger&Browns caters for dogs, cats and wildlife, with a heavy emphasis on the products being high quality, ethical, sustainable, natural or from UK companies and producers wherever possible!

So between our education, careers, through customer feedback from Ginger&Browns as well as Tail Mail, through trialing products in our store, and of course, through testing all our products on Fern & Mally - our Ginger & Brown (who you can see at the very top of this page), the products delivered to you in Tail Mail are not automated, they are hand picked specifically for your dog.

The benefits of Tail Mail to you, your dog, and the UK economy

We dedicate our time and expertise to research and find new brands and products that we think are right for YOUR dog. This means you find new and exciting items for your dog without the hassle and you get that time back to just enjoy with your dog - let us do the research and sourcing for you! For one monthly fee, you gain all our knowledge and expertise, our care and attention, the high quality products that we select, and it arriving on your door step! Finally, by subscribing to Tail Mail, you not only support us as an independent UK business, but you also support countless other UK businesses and producers, helping to support our own economy.